Our Sports Physiotherapy Services

From injury prevention and pain management to improving athleticism, our sports physiotherapists are ready to assist.  Our comprehensive physiotherapy and strength & conditioning coaching is designed to effectively treat your condition and get you back to optimal fitness.

Injuries and Rehabilitation

Our treatment plans for fast recovery have been developed using our specialised knowledge in sports injuries, strength & conditioning and late stage rehabilitation.

Pain Management

Detailed physiotherapy assessment for effective pain management using combined techniques from manual therapy to individualised perscription to build strength and mobility.

Strength & Conditioning

Our comprehensive strength & conditioning programs will help you reach your goals for physical development.

Sports Massage

For athletes or for those who exercise regularly, sports massage offers many benefits and can be ideal for pre-workout or post-workout care.

Individual and Group Recovery

Our recovery stations have been developed for athletes as well as for those who are wishing to improve their general health and well-being.

Pre / Post Surgery Rehab

Having a well -structured pre and post surgery rehabilitation plan can be vital to restoring function in the affected area of the body.

Injury Screening & Assessment

We will identify potential weaknesses that increase your injury risk and develop a treatment plan to assist with optimising your performance.

Medicare / DVA

We are approved Medicare and DVA physiotherapists. If you have a care plan from your GP for a chronic pain condition, we can assist with treatment and management.

ACL Rehabilitation (Prevention & Treatment)

ACL tears are alarmingly common injuries and are unfortunately associated with significant time out of sport/activity.

VALD Performance Testing

This hi-tech performance equipment provides unparalleled insight into movement quality, strength, power and asymmetries.

NormaTec Compression Recovery System

NormaTec are the leaders in rapid recovery.  Used by athletes around the world as part of their post training & performance recovery.

Workers Compensation

Have you been injured at work?  Our physiotherapists are on hand to assist with providing an effective recovery plan.  We will help you manage and understand your symptoms and provide guidance throughout your recovery.