Individual and Group Sports Recovery Services

We understand the importance of recovery when managing your injuries or soreness post activity.  Our recovery stations have been developed for athletes as well as for those who are wishing to improve their general health and well-being.

Our physiotherapists work closely with you.

Using a variety of complementary treatments, our physiotherapists work closely with you, developing a treatment plan that will focus on specific areas of concern. We will also actively support and monitor your progress.  This includes management of your recovery, based on presentation of your symptoms.

Physio programs based on individual assessments.

Our exercise room is available for patients to continue building their strength and recovery.  All programs are developed by our physiotherapists, based on individual assessments.

individual and group recovery sports physio services
normatec compression pulse sports recovery system

recover faster from muscle soreness & reduce swelling.

Do you want to recover faster following training sessions or game day?

We use NormaTec compression PULSE recovery system which is designed for rehab and recovery.

NormaTec, leaders in rapid recovery.

Used by athletes around the world, NormaTec are the leaders in rapid recovery.

These dynamic air compression devices increase circulation, reduce swelling and muscle soreness.

Best of all, it allows you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to move.

Sports Rehabilitation Program

To benefit from our group discounts, we encourage patients to bring along a friend to support their recovery process. Call us today to start your journey.

Our Sydney physiotherapy clinic is conveniently located in the Valentine Sports Park complex (near Norwest) in the Hills District.  There is plenty of free parking available onsite. We are accessible via bus and the North West Rail Link.