Is static stretching necessary or beneficial?

static stretching

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Article by Sydney sports physio, Chris El-Hayek.

Is static stretching your go-to before training or competition?

Studies have shown that static stretching can reduce explosiveness and maximal power output (Yamaguchi, 2006). These effects can possibly last up to 24 hours! (Haddad, 2014) This makes sense when you think about it, as you are essentially trying to do something that relaxes the muscle.

However, this is often counter productive because sports like football, rugby, hockey, athletics, etc, are all about explosive dynamic movements, where you are jumping, hopping, sprinting, cutting etc.

Considering this, holding a static stretch doesn’t make sense from a physiological point of view, or a psychological point of view.

If you are trying to prepare for a session or competition, you want to be preparing in a way that mimics the movements that occur in the sport. Now of course, holding a gentle static stretch for a short period of time probably won’t be an issue, but as I said before, you could be doing so many better things with your time!

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